Pinkney Memorial Garden

The Pinkney Memorial Garden was conceived of in the late 1990s and a committee chaired by Flo Pettus pinkney gardenand Jeanne Bender worked with the Sixth Taxing District to establish a garden. Penny Havard designed the garden in 1999, and residents had the opportunity to purchase perennials for it in memory of loved ones. It has been enjoyed by hundreds of people over the years, and cherished as a beautiful, tranquil escape from the busy world.

By the fall of 2010, though, the garden had become completely overgrown, and work began to restore it. A committee chaired by Tia Sidey, Susan Baker, and Fiona Pritchard incorporated the salvageable plants into a new nineteenth century flower garden with plants available during that time period. The garden was replanted during the spring of 2011, and despite snow storms and hurricanes, continues to thrive.

Volunteers are always needed to help keep the garden looking its best. If you would like to join the team, or make a donation, please contact the RHS or Tia Sidey at